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सुभाषितम् | Epigram.
पञ्चाङ्गम् | Hindu Calendar.
राशि भविष्य | Horoscope.
ज्योतिष प्रज्ञातृ | Astrological Guide.
वास्तु प्रतिबोधना | Vastu Tips.
पुराण | Ancient History.
उत्कृष्ट भारत | Incredible Bharat!
आयुर्वेद | Ayurveda Extract.
पाककृति | Cooking Recipe.
सुविचार | Good Thought.
संस्कृत गुलिका | Sanskrit Capsule.
सार्वजनिन | People’s section.
क: किम् अस्ति ? Who is what?
जानासि किम् ? Did you know?
समाचार: | News.
वार्ता | Story.
शब्द्लङ्घनं प्रहेलिका | Crossword Puzzle.
संक्षिप्त  संभाषणम् | Short Conversation.

… and more …

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  • Earn money on bringing in sponsors. (Subject to negotiations).
  • 12 issues at price of 11 for subscribers who are –
  1. Albela Sanskrit Pathshala Students / Ex-Students.
  2. Member of Albela Karmakandi Brahmin  / Jyotirvid Group.

How to subscribe?

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