eMagazine Policy

Article Acceptance Policy.

Every article in our eMagazine goes through a stringent process of various reviews namely:

  1. Quality reviewTo check authenticity, proper citation, reliable facts and proper punctuation.
  2. Ethical review – Ensures articles to be non-abusive, non-defamatory and more.
  3. Cosmetic reviewThe look and feel of the layout and other visible aspects.

The final acceptance of the article solely depends on the Chief Editor.

If you are interested in submitting your article then kindly make sure it is in accordance with our policy as below:

Ownership policy

  1. You do not get paid for submitting any article.
  2. Your name shall appear along with your accepted article.
  3. Submitting an article will not mean you receive the copy of eMagazine for free.
  4. The editor may make minor changes to appropriate it.
  5. You (the submitter of article) surrender your full copy rights over your article as per the general practice and they all will belong to this magazine.

Ethical policy

  1. The content should not be copied from elsewhere and must be original. If copied, then the article must specify appropriate citation. (You can follow Harvard style of citation technique if you will).
  2. The content of the article should not be  Spam / misleading, Sexual, Abusive, Violent, Repulsive, Representing a dangerous act, Posing any harm to any individual / sect / caste / religion, trying to defame any person / sect / caste / religion.

Quality policy

Make sure your article –

  1. Has no spelling mistakes.
  2. Has no grammatical mistakes.
  3. Has no typing errors.
  4. Is true & not rumor / fake news.
  5. Is authentic (from original source).
  6. Has proper citation / reference where applicable (copied content). [Refer to Harvard Style Referencing].
  7. Has Sanskrit translation is to its best.