नमो नम:

Greetings / Hello
भवत: नाम किम्?
(Asking to male) What is your name?
मम नाम शुभम् | 
My name is Shubham
भवत्या: नाम किम्?
(Asking to female) What is your name?
मम नाम सोनाली | 
My name is Sonali.
भवान् कथम् अस्ति?
(Asking to male) How are you?
अहं कुशली | 
I am fine (Male replied).
भवती कथम् अस्ति?
(Asking to female) How are you?
अहं कुशलिनी | 
I am fine (Female replied).
एष: मम पिता | 
This is my father.
एष: मम पितामह्: | 
This is my grand father.
एषा मम भगिनी | 
This is my sister.
एषा मम माता | 
This is my mother.
एषा  मम पितामही | 

This is my grand mother.