Sanskrit Level-3 [Skilled]

Course outline

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Lecture 1 Difference between Numbers (संख्या) and Sequences (क्रम), Altering Shlokas without changing the meaning Complete
Lecture 2 Vibhakti Table of“” कारान्त पुल्लिन्ग शब्द Complete
Lecture 3 संबन्धा: – RELATIONS, MORE NOUNS. Complete
Lecture 4 विसर्ग संधि नियम Complete
Lecture 5 उपसर्ग Incomplete
Lecture 6 अनद्यतन भूतकाल (PAST TENSE) Complete
Lecture 7 प्रश्नार्थ वाचक वाक्या: | INTERROGATIVE SENTENCE FORMS Complete
Lecture 8 विभक्ति शब्दावलि | Declensional Forms of Words. To be posted.
Lecture 9 श्लोका: सुभाषितं च | SHLOKAS & SUBHASHITAM. Incomplete.
Lecture 10 पाठ [लेख] | WRITING. Complete
Lecture 11   To be posted.